Nollywood actress, Dayo Amusa, has reiterated her stance that marriage is not meant for everybody. She made the statement in an earlier video, asking whether it was really compulsory for everyone to get married.

Explaining what was going through her mind when she made the controversial comment, the 32 year old actress said that she only asked the question because she didn’t belong to the school of thought that believes that everyone has to get married.

She told Channels TV, “I only asked a simple question. Is it a must for everyone to get married? Even the bible said he that finds a wife finds a good thing, it didn’t say all, a lot of people feel that once you attain a certain age, you have to be married, it takes two to tango.”

She added that marriage should be a sacred institution and not a game where anyone can enter and go out of as if it were a mall. “I don’t see marriage as a supermarket which you want to jump into for window shopping and then when you feel the mall is boring, you come out of it, why go into it the first place?” she wondered.