Nollywood actress, Funke Adesiyan, is not happy with the present administration of Mohammadu Buhari, and she has not hold back her opinion in blasting the government over the state of the country.

The actress stated that though she was not there when he first came as a military president but base on what she has read about him, both his first time as a president and now the second time, he has proven that he has nothing to offer the country.

Funke, who has traveled abroad for window shopping, called on youths in the country to stand up and fight the lawlessness the President is bringing into the country without showing respect to the citizens.

In her words, “I wasn’t born during Gen. Buhari’s tenure in the early 80s but I’m a good student of history. According to history, what we are witnessing today is a replica of what the nation went through in his first coming. The last few months of his second coming have brought sheer lawlessness and gross misapplication of power in addition to the mismanagement of our economy which has left the society worse off.

“He has shown us that he is far from being a Nigerian but a Northerner in every sense of the word. He has orchestrated his well planned Northern agenda and maligned the South almost to a state of voicelessness. This trend of sheer impatience and hatred for due process on the part General Buhari is unfortunate for our country and very dangerous to our democracy.

“This comment is driven by utmost patriotism as against partisanship and a true desire to see a progressive nation. I am first of all a Nigerian before the birth of any political affiliation thus my bias for the progression of my beloved country, Nigeria. I hereby call on the youths of this beloved nation to stand up and challenge this trend of lawlessness the president is showing by demanding for equity and fairness in the discharge of his constitutional responsibility between the north and south. Nigeria doesn’t belong to the North alone neither does it belong to the elders alone. This country belongs to you and I too and our voice cannot be silenced in the face of impunity. There is no better time for we the “future leaders” of this nation than now to rise up and lead. Leadership will not be handed over to us on a platter of gold, we have to assert ourselves and make our presence felt in a meaningful and constructive manner in order to effectively demand for a leadership role and become a critical partner in building this nation. To obtain a seat at the table we must bear in mind that Power is not served al acarte. God bless you and God bless The Federal Republic of Nigeria. Funke Adesiyan.”