For some months now, beautiful actress, Mercy Aigbe, has been enmeshed in one controversy or the other. Although she has kept herself busy, debunking all these rumours, fresh ones seem to be emanating everyday.

Mercy, who acquired a Honda Element Jeep recently, has been said to owe the automobile dealer that sold the car to her.

Sources close to the City People Entertainment Awards’ Yoruba actress of the year said she only paid N500,000, and has not been able to pay off the the remaining part of the money for the automobile. She keeps giving the auto dealer empty promises.

Mercy, who had been cruising in a Honda CRV Jeep before the new acquisition has told those who care to listen that she has given the former vehicle to her mother, but feelers reaching NollywoodReel indicated that she actually sold the CRV in order to raise part-payment for the Honda Element which is worth’s more than a million.

“She actually sold the first jeep to raise some money for the Honda Element, which she had been admiring for long. Mercy did not give any car to her mother,” a source said.

Meanwhile, when NollywoodReel called the actress on phone for her comment, she denied the tale, stressing that she actually gave the CRV to her mom.

“That is not true… I gave the former car to my mom immediately I bought the Element. I’m not owing anybody. Besides, it was my fiancée that bought the Honda Element for me,” she stated.

Shortly after this conversation with Mercy, a man who identified himself as the actress’s fiancée called NollywoodReel and claimed that he was the one that bought the car.

He said: “I was the one that bought the Element for her, and I bought it from a friend of mine. The CRV she was using is now with her mother, so she did not sell it.”