Curvy actress, Moyo Lawal who is one of the most eligible spinsters in the entertainment industry seems to be skeptical about marriage.

it’s not far fetched why the actress is taking her time to settle down as she often claim she is yet to find the right person.

In a recent post, she disclosed that in all the movies she featured recently, she played the role of being married and she cried in all.

She went on to say, she hope this is not a sign, because she is not interested in packaging bad things to look good.

This only means, her recent roles scared her so much that she is afraid it might be a sign of her having a marriage filled with tears.

In the real sense, no one want a suffering and smiling marriage as no one deserves to endure his/her marriage because marriage is meant to be enjoyed.

More reason why it’s necessary to look before leap, so one doesn’t end up with the wrong partner. Such choice could be very disheartening.

In her words: “OK, so I have been crying my guts out in all the movies …I have done this year …and I have been married in all …. ???…. this had better not be a sign ….because lord knows….. I have no interest in packaging bad things to look good ….I do not want a suffering and smiling marriage biko!!!”