Acting is all about giving life to a story through the use of various characters as representation and it is an imaginary work of art. In today’s entertainment industry, some celebrities tend to take the craft beyond the set as they sometimes become lovers due to their constant meetings on various sets.

 Nollywood actress and mother HKN signee, Mayorkun, Toyin Adewale, has continued that she is one actress who knows how to interpret her roles well no matter how challenging it can be.

The actress recently got many talking after she shared a picture of her kissing fellow actor, Kunle Afod, in a movie titled ‘IHA’ produced by Kunle Afod which is currently in progress.

Playing romantic roles in movies sometimes is not that easy for some actresses especially if they are married but they tend to put up some professionalism into it and that is what Toyin has been able to do just to tell the story but smiled at how some set of people tend to perceive it.

“Hmm, this my job sef, anyway one thing is doing something, another thing is loving what you are doing while passing messages across for people to learn from is the most important thing,” she wrote.