As time changes, everything changes with it; does human psychology change with time? As the earth revolves, it brings along new challenges, new problems. It always will be a futile effort trying to solve the new problems life brings with old method.

Keeping an eye contact during a one-on-one conversation has been a means people tend to judge how sincere, trustworthy or capable one would be in an entrusted venture; better still, a yardstick with which one is judged as an evil or Godly fellow.

No doubt, years before this 21st century, this measure was very applicable, but in today’s world that life presents one with different challenges on daily basis, it would be very wrong to jump into uneccesary hasty conclusions about one for not being able to maintain eye contact.

Some factors listed here can be responsible for that,

– The eye is one very sensitive part of the body that easily responds to stimuli, pressures exuding from it as a result of present day weather conditions could probably be the reason not being able to maintain eye contact does not mean any of the aforementioned in the second paragraph.

– having said this about the eye being easily reactive to stimuli, it exhibits attributes which neccesarily does not attest to the aforementioned in the second paragraph, which in that case becomes false evidences that appear real.

Are you an employer who denies applicants jobs for their inability to maintain eye contact because of your wrong perception about it? Please change that criterion for employment.

Are you a psychologist in this present age and time who jumps into wrong hasty conclusions because of the eye movement of your case study? You need to up your knowledge.

Are you a consular at an embassy who denies applicants visa because of your wrong perception about eye contact in this present time? I pray this piece gets to you to change your mindset.

Are you a police officer who arrests innocent citizens simply because of your wrong perception about eye reactions in crime scenes? You really need a 21st century psychological training.

And you reader, do you easily jump into hasty conclusions that someone, be it friend, family, relation or colleague envies your well being as a result of his/her eye movement around you? or before you term him/her a witch, have you taken your time to find out if what you think, is really what it is or false evidences that seem to appear real as a result of life’s different challenges time and change brings.