Celebrity marriage crash has been happening for years now and many are still going to happen if the main problem is not discovered and tackled.

Lolade Abuta was a social actress who was always scene at functions but went AWOL after her marriage to her London based husband, Gbenga Lopez crashed.

This happened two years ago, has nothing much was really heard about her within this time frame which might be because she was taking her time away from the public eyes to heal emotionally.

The crash was reportedly as a result of the actress’s findings that her husband had two kids from other women which he never mentioned to her.

However, the actress is back to the social scene as she was recently spotted few days ago at Iyabo Ojo’s P.A’s birthday party, Gbeminiyi.

Report also has it that she now owns a business of her own, Gracias Global Property Limited as she ventures into the world of Real Estate.