Agatha Amata is quitting presenting and has crowned Sandra Eze as the new host of “The Inside Out Show”. Agatha said she decided to step aside and bring in a younger face to handle the show because she was no longer in touch with the younger generation hence she initiated a search that produced Sandra Eze as the new host of the show that will be known as “The inside out show”


When handing over the show officially to Sandra, Agatha asked for the first microphone she used in recording “inside Out With Agatha” for her to use it as a symbolic handing over of the Patton to Sandra to carry on with the race of “the inside Out Show”. She said “as you hold this microphone, words of wisdom will come out of your mouth. Wisdom beyond your age you will have, you will do exploits in Jesus name.”

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New recordings of the show are presently on going and the new episodes will begin to air from October.

Checks show that Sandra Eze was a former presenter at Nigerian music and life style channel, Nigezie, as well as a co-host at the popular “your view” on television continental.

She is also an actress with appearances on “tinsel”, “everyday people”, among others©