Excetera has debuted with his album YES I AM….

Etcetera ‘s Genre is Soft rock and has earlier impressed fans and Critics alike with his first single “Mitchelle” which scooped up a couple of awards…He is signed to Steve Babaeko’s Extreme Music.

Check out AZIZA UKO’s review …..

In an era where the standard contribution consists of ill-considered compromises and most seem to have run out of ideas, Etcetera (with “Yes I Am”) stands out as one who with his craft and authentic social commentary would help shape the collective values of our nation. Etcetera has enormous talent, a genuine vision, an irrepressible message, a fierce ambition, and an unbending toughness. That’s unarguably the cocktail of a true artiste.

“Yes I Am” joins the rare league of class acts – its entire 63 minutes has no pointless moment, its melody haunting, and its message urgent and poignant. Etcetera succeeds in infusing soft rock into native Nigerian rhythms and creating thereof a sophisticated and respectable art form. “Yes I Am” helps usher back the golden age of Nigerian music. With “Yes I Am”, Etcetera has given us what he is – an absolute treasure.