Hope you remember Alex Usifo the man that has a clean shaved hair with a beard, he is always playing the role of the bad man in almost all his movies.

He has been absent recently on screens as he has not featured more often like before. His acting career kicked off in the late 1980s and he has gone on to be regarded as one of the greatest actors in Nollywood.

Well the younger generation may not know him properly has he left the screen business in search of a new feather to his cap.

According to Alex he stopped featuring frequently in movies because he wanted to further his education, and he has achieved this feat as he now owns a PhD degree from Babcock University.

When asked in an interview why he was missing in actions for a long time and were he was, he said;

“I actually went back to school to do my PhD in Babcock University. I read information and resources management, I specialize in knowledge management. During this period, I was still going out to shoot movies. What you can say is that I have not been featuring in movies frequently. I had my convocation in June and I have been shooting since then.” He said.

The actor has also advised the younger actors to hold on to God, they should be diligent, disciplined and have confidence in their self.