The Uncontestable King of Comedy Atuyota Akporobomeriere, popularly called Ali Baba, the multiple award-winning comedian and a national honour holder, GCFR, is at it again with the announcement of the launch of ‘The Alibaba 50/50 Project’, which he announced via the social network, Twitter on Saturday May 11, 2013.

This, according to what was gathered from his timeline on the Twitter, is a transfer of skills training program for comedians/comperes, a philanthropic gesture aimed at helping those comedians/comperes who are struggling to make a name in the esoteric world of comedy. Alibaba believes in nurturing and exposition of talents.

The Alibaba 50/50 Project, according to Alibaba himself is, “An on the job training program for comedians and comperes where I share my fee 50/50 comes up in June 24. Keep doing what you do as a compere or comedian. Project coordinators will be deployed to scout for compere or Comedian that will be the trainee for the month.

I will choose who I want to work with for every month on the Ali Baba 50/50 Project. The idea was sold to me by my late bosom friend Efere Ozako before he passed on. A comedians or comperes will work with me for a month at events, meetings, studies, marketing strategizing. It will be a one on one skills transfer and career development sandwich program with one comedian/compere every month. No application needed, no text messages, no DM.”