Nollywood actress and Producer Eniola Badmus is not letting trolls and body shamers have the last laugh on her page.

The actress who shared a photo of herself in an unusual pose has tackled a number of fans who claimed to be advising her on the right pose for a ‘thick’ woman.

According to the commenters, some poses are not meant for people like the actress who are on the big side.

Replying individually to the comments, the actress made them know it’s her body and body shaming is wrong.

According to one of the followers identified as @mart_c_genius on the platform, the pose is strictly meant for kids and not for matured ladies.


The fan wrote:

But madam to be honest , I’m a true fan of you ! And I won’t join people here praising this photo and end up laughing behind the camera ! 90% Unknown Fans you acquire on Instagram are not loyal. This pose is for young girls !

Don’t try to compete with these young girls and how they pose ! Thick women don’t pose this way ! Incase of next time cause I don’t want you to be a laughing stock ! Cause yours is to post pictures and see comments but you don’t know how it really is behind cameras with majority here praising this photo ! One love madam ! Enjoy the rest of the day


Then Eniola Badmus replies:

joker…….wat book of law do you Av dat…..Ma’am wake up do wat you want not minding who is looking or seeing, u came to dis world alone and u will leave alone so do wat makes you happy

Then another fan chips in, supporting the claims of the other person:

@eniola_badmus what @mart_c_genius said is truly the truth n notin but the whole truth..some of ure fans n people close to u meant praise n hail u while they mock u later. U could also do that same post with sometin longer than that but for this particular outfit..its no ansa

See the photos and the pose below…