Fans of expelled Kannywood actress, Rahama Sadau are currently rallying round the beautiful screen-goddess to upturn her current ban from the northern film industry – Kannywood where she plies her trade.

A vivid consideration of history holds MOPPAN guilty of ‘double standard’ in the treatment of Rahama Sadau who was banned over her appearance in a romantic video by a singer named ClassiQ.

Miss Sadau in the video innocuously touched the male singer at irregular intervals but a top actor in the northern part of Nigeria named Ali Nuhu has been almost close to s*x with an actress on set as seen in the collage of pictures above without any due sanction by MOPPAN.


An activist named Adenike Adebayo wrote this on her Instagram page in defence of Miss Sadau who is currently left distraught in India where she is vacationing:

“@adenikeoadebayo – So this is Kannywood actor @realalinuhu doing his thing as an ACTOR! Was he banned? No! But God forbid that a fantastic female actor appear in a music video! I watched it, she barely even hugged the guy!!! So much injustice in the industry @rahamasadau deserves more than this! What precisely did she do in the 4min 9sec video that called for her to be expelled? @rahamasadau your destiny is not in the hands of mere mortals, it’s in the hand of GOD! And only him has the final say! Just sit and watch him give you the last laugh,” Adebayo wrote