When you ask most Nigerians what  Atiku Abubakar is looking for again in Aso Rock, they would tell you plainly that he wants to be Mr.President. 

Yesterday, Atiku showed off his ‘dab’ skills at the American University of Nigeria in Adamawa state.

Some students had invited on stage and  gave him a tutorial on how to do the viral dance move called ‘The Dab.’ After the dance, he had shared the video with the caption : “Earlier today, I also learned to do this dance they called dab”

Some believed the dabbing session was a campaign strategy for Atiku while others thought it was wrong for the politician to be doing a ‘diabolical’ dance. “Mr former vice president why are you so desperate to be president come 2019???” one asked “ But they said dab is a satanic symbol your Excellency. Are you aware of It? God bless you.”

“It was Originally a bow for Lucifer not a dance, i guess you don’t want to do that Sir.” Another added.