Miss Loud and one time people’s favorite, Bisola has incurred more hatred for herself for having a big mouth.

No one is perfect yeah, but one is expected to think deeply and get some clarification before jumping into conclusion about any situation in life.

Bisola is known not to have any atom of love for Tboss who she is allegedly jealous of after her man, TTT made a move on the light skin diva while she was away with Barry on the island due to biggies’s instructions. 

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Some fellow house mates had doubts that Kemen did something wrong as blames were laid on Tboss for being inconsiderate.

Things got heated up and Bisola took it out on Tboss, calling her an Evil White Witch before listening to Tboss’s side of the story.

It took the intervention of Biggie who eventually showed clips of what happened to the house before a proper understanding was reached.

Soon after, apologies staring trooping in from other house mates who understood wrongly and Bisola took the initiative to apologize for her misconception also.Read 

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Meanwhile, Bisola was not aware before now that there are black and white cameras in the house that watches them while asleep.

Meaning, she never knew that the night she decided to get dirty under the sheets with TTT, the camera caught it all.

It’s no wonder while her expression depicted shock and worries while she was being informed about the cameras by Tboss.