A female preacher in Benin Republic has declared that she is God!  The 25 year old preacher, Vicentia Tadagbe Tchranvoukinni,  said her mission on earth is to defeat the devil.

She claims that she fell down from heaven with the divine mission of tackling devil and his agents in the world and that she is Perfect’ and ‘God’s Holy Spirit’

Her church is a very controversial sect called “Very Holy Church of Jesus Christ of Bename”, and the church was founded in 2009 by Tchranvoukinni, often referred to as “Perfect”, who says she is “God the Holy Spirit.”

It  has been reported that five people died due to suffocation in her church after she ordered them to themselves inside sealed rooms with burning incense.

 “These patients were all poisoned with carbon monoxide in the Porto Novo and Adjarra areas,”a health official, “There are currently five deaths and nine people in intensive care,” the official added.

The followers died “after inhaling the incense while they prayed,” he said. “Some may have fallen on the embers placed in the rooms where they locked themselves for the prayer.”

Tchranvoukinni regularly vilifies other faiths, including voodoo — an official religion in the tiny West African nation — and Roman Catholicism, stoking tension in the community.