The big brother Nigeria house mate Cee-C has fallen out with many Nigerian and her fans alike has she has been constantly involved in fight every day in the house.

The possessive Cee-C has been under scrutiny over this very act and many have branded her with various names like witch, bipolar patient for always picking fights with those that are meek and considered weakling in the house.

Her elder sister who was responsible for her upbringing after their mother was dead has declared that this is not the kind of woman she had raised that she is better than this.

She went on to disclosed that she perfectly planned for her wedding even when she never did something of that nature and it was wonderful so she does not see why she has decided to show her weaknesses rather than make the nation see her strength. She believes she will pull through all of this and still remain strong.

This is her message; “Dear Sister, when mum left us I assumed the role of a mother to you, I have known you for 25years now and I know you better than anyone else because I played a huge part in your upbringing. I know I am not a failure and contrary to what SOME people think I did not raise a bipolar patient, I did not raise a witch, I did not raise an evil woman, I did not raise a bitter person rather I raised the most awesome and unique woman ever. Sis you are a woman with a good heart. You are the hot head in the family, and this strength has always driven you to ambitious heights, taking daunting challenges.

I still can’t forget how u took it upon u to organize my wedding even when u hadn’t done anything similar before. I know #BBNAIJA may not be the best place for people to see your strengths but your drive for new things, new adventures and resilience pushed you through the audition and into the House.

I know no matter how tough it gets you’ll pull through. It’s in you. There are times I watch and break down emotionally for you then the next minute you’re basking in life and enthusiasm. You’re a strong woman and I know that you’ll be fine in and out of the house. I know your story will definitely be like the proverbial seed that has to fall and die in order to grow. Stay Strong.

That said, your many Amazing Fans and I will keep supporting you till day 85 because we believe that a story doesn’t end with the first Chapter.”