Nollywood actress, Ini Edo who was appointed  as the SA Tourism & Development for Akwa Ibom State in 2016 has been carrying out her duties dutifully.

The actress who had barely featured in movies for some years now seems to be busier and concerned with her political career more than any other.

Few days ago the actress had canvassed for votes for Akwa- Ibom born, Kemen who was a contestant of Big Brother Nigeria, an action that earned her criticism.

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Many were convinced she had done that for the sole reason of them been form the state, but her help still didn’t save kemen because prior his scandal, he accumulated the list votes and would have still been evicted if not for his scandal.

Meanwhile, ever since Kemen’s scandal began, so many celebrities have been speaking up about their views on his disqualification over Sexuyally harassing Tboss.

To our utmost surprise, nothing have been heard from Ini Edo who was begging for votes on his behalf. If she could canvass for votes, how cum she isn’t speaking up for him?

Do is smell abandonment here, or does Ini Edo also find him guilty of what he was accused of? Could it also be possible that Ini Edo is trying to save herself from been bashed by fans?

These are questions lingering in our minds, on her total silence about this scandal. Well, it’s still trending let be patient, she might be taking her time to speak, if not, I see a sister disowning her brother in time of need here.  (Wink)