Nigerian Nollywood actress Beverly Naya has explain how important her role in the recent movie in which she was featured is in the lives of other women.

She played the role of a lady Yewande who was about getting married to a man played by Adeolu Adefarasin but things was never the same after the groom had gone on a bachelor’s eve trip.

Dark secrets that should never have been brought to lime lights were exposed at the bachelor’s eve and the already planned and fixed marriage took a new twist.

Speaking on her role Beverly said; “My character, Yewande, is a depiction of thousands of Nigerian women and her struggles and motivations are so real and relatable. I think everyone knows a Yewande and that’s one of the things that propelled me to give my best to the interpretation of the character.” She said.

Adeolu also shared his experience on the set of the movie which he found so interesting.

He said; “It is an exciting movie with a brilliant cast. I enjoyed every moment of making the film. The movie explores many themes and issues that would resonate with many Nigerians.”