Nollywood actress Tayo Sobola aka Sotayo Gaga bit more than she could chew when she decided to comment on the trending issue between her friend Bobrisky and his former employee Jacob.


Bobrisky had posted on his page on how hurt he was by Jacob’s alleged betrayal and the actress quickly dropped a comment on the wickedness of the human soul, reiterating that only few people could do what Bobrisky did for his gateman.

Well, this did not go down we with several people who have no love for the actress and quickly used the avenue to show their dislike.

The comments had gone really sour with trolls calling the actress an ugly bitch with zero talent. Note that all these happened in Bobrisky’s post.

Initially Tayo Sobola had reacted to a couple of comments until it became suite ugly.

Check some of the hateful commemts here…