The saga going on in the marriage of Nollywood actress, Funke Akindele-Bello, and her husband, continues as Mella, the baby mama of popular rapper, JJC Skillz, has revealed a damning claim about his marriage with Nollywood actress, Funke Akindele-Bello.

This is coming after JJC allegedly beat up his son, Benito which got him hospitalised after revealing the crisis in his marriage.

In a chat, JJC Skillz‘s baby mama, Mella, revealed that Funke Akindele’s happy marriage is a charade compared to the crisis going on it.

According to Mella, Funke’s happy marriage pretence is a lie, adding that the actress caught the husband getting a bl—–.

JJC‘s baby mama in a chat noted that the rapper is a long time drug user who has constantly smoked in front of all his children.

She wrote, “happy marriage pretence’ is a lie. Funke caught him getting a bl—–. The biggest problem here is that Abdul is a long time drug user who has constantly smoked dope in front of all his children which has been a long-standing dispute between us both. These children look up to their father and follow his example. It’s been a big problem for me and his mother.”

She also threatened to leak the video where JJC beat up her son, which saw him hospitalised.

Mella in a post on her Instagram charged JJC and his wife to tender a public apology.

She wrote, “Abdul & Funke We’ve already asked you to keep your dogs are bay and issue a public apology. Stop with the continued slanderous slime. Otherwise, the next blow will be the video of you beating your son. Clear?”

JJC Skillz’s son, Benito Bello sheds light on the physical assault experience at the hands of his father after getting expelled from school.

In an Instagram story, Benito confirmed that truly he was expelled from his school in Nigeria which angered his father to beat him up.

According to the teenager who has moved to the UK, JJC Skillz slapped him a few times while on the school premises before the slaps changed to heavy punches.

“Should he throw party for you after you were expelled?” – Reactions as JJC Skillz’s son narrates assault from father (Video)
Clarifying his reason for sharing his side of the story, Benito affirmed that he is neither trying to expose his family nor painting his father in a bad light, rather letting people know the truth other than the speculations making rounds on social media.

Social media users, however, questioned the young man about his possible expectation from his father following his dismissal from school.