Popular actor, Emeka Ike has said that women domestically abuse men in recent times. According to Ike, the women do this unrecognized because of their manipulative edge.

The actor argued most women now go into marriages devoid of love in their hearts, just for the money and would go to any length to achieve their aim by making the lives of their husbands miserable or even killing them.

The 55-year-old media personality further revealed he was a victim of domestic abuse and was only saved by God, else he would have died as is the case of most men dying before their wives in marriages, he opined.

“Please, please, do your research well. Most women abuse men more lately. Most of them marry you for your money and make your life miserable, if not kill you.

“Why are kidnappers and armed robbers wives not crying out? Why must it be very rich and successful men lately?”

He continued: “Violent men are in the cover while this “kill and get rich” model spreads unrecognized. Not saying there are no dead beat men but the increase on the other gender manipulative edge is totally ignored.

“Why do men have to die before women in marriage? Ask your father. Ask your grandfather. That’s if they are still alive to tell you things.

“Please, please, let’s stop encouraging these wicked misleading and greedy women with this mundane top. Na God save me.”