As you read, Toyin Subair, the owner of defunct pay television station, HITV, is getting married to his beautiful lover of many years, Anita Gupta, in India. Again, Toyin who divorced his first wife some years ago, has ventured into the mysterious overland; that peculiar haven bordered by esplanades of secret treasures and colourful spokes of eternal delight.

Thanks to sweet heavenly grace, he has rediscovered bliss in ravishing Indian belle, Anita; hardly anyone believed that Toyin, a jolly good guy, would find another love of his life so soon. To high society trolls, it is unbelievable, but to Toyin, it’s simply ethereal.

However, at the reception, for the first dance, the groom, Toyin, stared into the eyes of his bride, Anita, as if he meant to rediscover a familiar treasure trove. He stared into her eyes wondering how many wonders subsist in the two shiny orbs and windows into her soul. Anita too looked like he would mesh with Toyin. She looked even more ready to interlock with him in body, mind, spirit and soul. The couple filled up each other’s glances with muted affectation of undying love.

Yes, Toyin and Anita have entwined their hearts where fortune melds with acclaim. Add power to the mix and you have a perfect picture of a union forged on earth, approved by mortals and sanctified by the blessed breath of heaven.

Expectedly, it is a classy event. Though a small gathering, the wedding has in excess the components of an elaborate Nigerian party. The ambience is celestial in its gold draperies.