The late mama Bukky Ajayi’s last child, Olakunle Fawole has a lot of things  to say about the legendary actress whose shoes is a lot of people are unable to wear in Nollywood. Olakunle open up on what she will be remember for and how she has lived her last days contrary to what everyone thought.

Olakunle said  she had disturbed his life “The way she disturbed my life, her cooking, jokes and handled way she things that concerned me.” He talked about what he will remember of her “Everything. I cannot pick one but I would miss her everything. As I told you, she could not talk and I called her mama! mama!!, she looked at me and smiled and that was the end.”

He explains “It wasn’t that she was ill but she couldn’t stand for long again so, that’s why people thought she was down. Nothing was wrong with her, it is just that she wouldn’t stand for a long time…She was a loving mother, a very good friend and a confidant. There’s a lot of guys on the street that also referred to her as their mother because she was easily accessible. You can easily approach her if you have any issue.

Even if my friends had issues with their girlfriends, my mother would call the girl, take her to her room and advise her.” Adding  “My mother was a super woman and she single handedly raised me. You can imagine a woman to raise a man. Mama was my best friend and my confident. At times when someone offended me, you would hear me saying I will report you to my mummy.”