Now back in Canada, and following her mother’s mission to placate Apostle Johnson Suleman of Omega Fire Miinistries, Miss Stephanie Otobo has made her phone available for inspection in a new video which confirms the initially released photos of her alleged 2016 Facetime with the clergyman in what has been the biggest sex scandal of the year so far.

According to the details from the video she shared, her mission is to prove that the photos which earlier made the rounds after the sex scandal first broke out are actually real and not photoshopped.

This new development is coming on the heels of her claims that her mother’s plea for forgiveness from the Man of God was done under duress because her life and that of her family’s was being threatened, a claim which the mum denied. Her mum had insisted that she did that purely from her own volition. Surprisingly, the clergyman had after accepting Stephanie’s mum pleas in his congregation, gone ahead through his lawyers to file a defamation suit of N1Billion each against her daughter and media outfit, Sahara Reporters, which has been at the forefront of helping Miss Otobo vent her revelations against the him.

Unfortunately, Miss Otobo’s case will continued to be hampered by her inability to present hard, incontrovertible evidence which can actually prove whether she is saying the truth. At best, an analysis of her new showing is that she merely represented a video version of her already disputed facetime photos. Is this all she has to show for the affair? Questions only Stephanie can answer, or else she risks going to jail and paying N1billion naira for damages.
As an afterthought, what if Stephanie’s claims that her mother was just playing safe because of threats to her life and that of her other children, purportedly from a sect of powerful men who believe they have a God-sent duty to defend the Apostle’s image? What if this were the case? You never can tell how far overzealous followers can go to defend their hero. This thought must be welcomed if there has to be balance and fairness in this case. In any case, the detective radar is revolving. There’s no hiding place. The truth will come out. May be sooner than later.