For those who have been asking and wondering, Caroline Johnson, the lady with Leukaemia is currently in India. She and her husband, Tony Johnson, left for India last week Thursday. I’ve been in constant touch with him, and after speaking with him last night I figured it was time to let you all know what’s going on with them.

Caroline is undergoing a series of tests. Tony says he’s never seen as many machines go through one person before. It’s a really difficult time for this man and his family.

He also says to thank everyone who contributed to her treatment. Without your help she wouldn’t have had this opportunity. So thank you!

And the Nigerian doctor who went with them all the way to India…God bless you.

Of course they still need help. They need more money, if you can help them, they’d be too grateful. But more than money, they need your prayers.

I’m going to give you guys Tony’s number in India. Please call him…to encourage him with words, to pray with him, to let him know he’s not alone. He needs it!

Tony Johnson – 009919867375895

I’m expecting a detailed update with pictures of Caroline in a week or so, will let you guys see it when I have it.

Please don’t forget to pray for Caroline.

God bless you all and happy new month.