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The flick, Cash Money, as produced by “Tony Nwakalor” is “Da bomb”. It is the street life kind of a movie, showcasing four guys, namely Mike, Tony, Jerry and Eniola. The four chums are undergraduates living the hard life on campus, with Mike bankrolling their escapades and adventures being the son of a wealthy chief, chief Williams (Richard Mofe-Damijo) and Mrs. Williams (Joke Silva). Before long, all four of them coming from different family background, get into hard drug and trafficking before the bubble gum burst and both Eniola and Jerry find themselves behind bars for the greater past of their lives.

Tony, the spoilt brat of a celebrity showbiz personality, (Eucharia Anunobi), whose mother hardly find time for, had died due to drug overdose. As I’ve said, the movie will pass for a good street wise flick. All thanks to the director, “Moses Inwang”. He did a yeoman job with that flick. “Nkiru Njoku”, the screenwriter deserves some kudos, too. The grey areas? At 22:20 of part 1 disc 1, a “foreign character” (I mean someone that is not part of the original cast) is seen scurrying away from the entrance when chief and Mrs. Williams opened the door to go out. Why did the director take off his eyes from the monitor, if the cameraman cannot see it?

Secondly, the make-up artiste has not done enough. What with the artistes dripping with sweat in some of the scenes that are not necessitated by that? You only drip with sweat when you’re involved in an action packed scene, or when a shocking event induces sweat from one. Lastly, how on earth will someone not be able to pronounce her name perfectly as in the case with “Bamidele Odusote” in part 1? Even if one is scared stiff, it is understandable if one stammers when pronouncing his/her name, but not by pronouncing it badly. Well, the movie started well, but it later lost its tempo, and turned to a drag. Making it a one part movie would have been the most appropriate thing to do. It’ll still pass for a 3-star rating