Two-time national leader, Chief Olusegun Obasanjo now writes a weekly commentary in a newspaper column which is now two months old. The column appears on the back page of the Saturday Mirror.
His most recent commentary in the column was on August 6, 2011, and is titled “The shame of Africa and the Arab world” and in it, he highlights the experience of former Egyptian leader Hosni Mubarak appearing in court in a cage, he also begs for kindness for erring former leaders by writing.

“…I am not saying that Mubarak has not made a mistake in his almost thirty years in running the affairs of Egypt or that he has not committed any misdemeanour or offence, but decency demands that in bringing him to judgment, the good he has done should be brought side by side with the mistakes he has made and if this is done objectively, I am of the mind that the good will outweigh the mistakes. And even then, if he has to be slaughtered, he will not be cut in pieces; he will only have his neck slashed…”

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