Nigerian cross dresser and self acclaimed Snapchat king Bobrisky is one of the most criticized Nigerian presently because of his seemingly bizarre lifestyle.

Recall that apart from his intense bleaching the male barbie sometime ago announced he will be going for a butt implant and this really got people talking on social media.

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The latest celebrity critic on the list is veteran comedian and actor, Ali Baba as he has come out to give his opinion on Bobrisky bleaching his skin.
This he did via an Instagram post which obviously didn’t look like he was giving an appraisal to him.

Here’s what he wrote:

‘If that is really Bobrisky before he actually became Bobrisky… then I can understand why people bleach. I just read some comments, this is not about him transferring or is it transgendering to another portal, I am talking complexion. This just means some yellow girls now would have been “just there” if they were black. That means any black woman that is fine NOW without bleaching GO FINE DIE IF SHE BLEACH JOIN AM’

Do you support him?