I will write a part three of my reviews later on. I am baffled by something and I need help.

Why do our artistes do better, meaning act better in village or poor, struggling characters and not in contemporary or city, affluent settings? it really baffles me. Lets again take Ini Edo. When you put Ini in an orphan, housemaid, poor girl or village girl role, she is a delight. Put her in the city with wealth and she becomes a lip licking slut.

Even Patience Ozokwor, and some of the best actors. The village movies have so much depth and realism. they are so raw and a complete delight to watch. My favorite movies for the past couple of months have been speak the word, where oceans touch and super love; great acting, nice attempts at structure. But these city settings…. I don’t get it.

I am honestly stuck here. I need help understanding this phenomenon.