After his return from a musical tour in South Africa with gospel singer, Chinyere Udoma, Kings Music signee, Sopuruchi Henry Ossai, otherwise known as Cruz during the week took visit to the motherless babies’ home.


In line with his plans of releasing an RnB single, Pray For Me, Cruz informed that his producer, Cjay has finalized with his management on releasing his next single within the month.

He however used his visit to the motherless babies’ home to testify God’s love and support towards his career, alongside to the very success of his musical tour while in South Africa with Chinyere Udoma.

Multi-talented and maverick singer, Cruz also reacted to the speculation that he is currently and solely doing gospel songs, but while speaking, he said that what makes a good musician is the ability to diversify, and which he said makes his kind of song different.

Interestingly, Cruz is expected to release more hit singles before the year runs out under Kings Music, even as he plans kicking-off his Club Tour within the upcoming month.