All these months, Sophie Momodu has been quiet when other ladies criticize her for being a single mother. That era just ended after she decided to fight them with hurting words just like they lash at her often.

 She said “I love my God, stay in my lane, take care of my kid, take care of myself, focus on securing the bag, love my family and my friends. Daily trying to be better than me of yesterday,” the mum of one began, and then went into details, explaining how she was faced with a challenge and had to own up to it.

“The worst thing that could ever happen to a female happened to me, I ran from my demons, tried to escape, confronted em, made my peace with em,” she continued. She had her child, however, she can’t understand why people mock her for taking responsibility by choosing to be a mum.

She went on “Half these hoes judging you about being a single mom get abortions every other weekend! Bitch take your murderous asses away from meh! All the kids you don killed are waiting for you on judgement day!  You know I give you life,” she said quoting Beyonce, adding,“Now, come and get you’s some hugs and kisses witcho dusty ashy profile pics and ugly ass random photos.”