Baby Mama, an act were by girls get pregnant for young men out of wedlock has become a status symbol among youths of today.

Most of these girls, research show take this rout thinking when they get pregnant for these young men they will be forced to love and marry them, but the actress has said this is immoral and it is not enough to get a man to love or marry them.

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So dear is the matter to Ebube’s heart that she had to produce a movie “Not Enough,” so as to let people who engaged in such to know that the act is bad and they need to stop, because it is bad. She explained in these words.

“The movie is centered on the youths of today looking for short cuts. They want to have the shortest cut to success and accomplishments in life. We need to set our priorities right at an early stage in order to secure our future. The decisions you make today, the life you live today determines your future.

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The movie also sheds light on the young girls of today that get pregnant without prior planning or knowing what they really want in life, thinking that getting pregnant for a man will make him marry or love them. Love can’t be forced.

The movie, Not Enough also sheds light on weak parental guidance and peer pressure. It is a family story that has a lot of messages and lessons in it.”

The Anambra state born beauty say she crossed from acting to producing because she wants to be an agent of change and give back to and industry that made her what she is today.©