Joke Jigan, is one actress who understands that to become a known face in Nollywood and a force to reckon with; you need more than talent as mentor ship, hard work, huge sacrifices and patience are some of the key ingredients that you need to become a mega star in Nollywood.


In a recent chart in Lagos, Joke Jigan proved that she has all these qualities and as she was answering question on who her mentors are and the sacrifices she had to make to get to where she is today .

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The pretty faced actress, who is fondly called Oluwajokelet by fans and admirers said, “Bukky Write is my mentor…and when you talk about my biggest challenge; it will be when I did not use to get paid after I finish working, to say the truth, in the past I have had to pay for my hotel room bills with my own money when on location ”.


The actress who exudes sex in every inch of her body, should know one or two things about the much talked about sexual harassment in the movie industry but she was very diplomatic about the issue and replied with “I am not going to answer that.”

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Joke Jigan, announce herself to the world when she got the chance to play the lead in “Bisola Beyonce” a 2016 flick she produce herself was emphatic when asked if she can act nude for any amount she firmly said “no!” to end matters. ©