It’s no more a news that Nigeria is facing a whole lot of challenges which seems to have intensified since the birth of the new government.

Nigerian artiste, Eedris Abdulkareem might not be still vibrant in his music career, but he is well recognized as one of those who contributed in the growth of the industry.

His style of song is no more in essence as he was mostly singing songs that criticizes the government or meant to put the government on their toes.

For a long time, the artiste has not being heard off bashing the government until recent when he granted an interview with Hip TV.

According to the singer, Nigeria was raped at 16 and was pregnant and she is yet to deliver the baby. Funny right?

In his words: “We need to pray for this country so that the child it wants to deliver better pikin .It’s so sad that Nigeria has been pregnant since 1960. She was 16-years-old when she was pregnant. Nigeria is already old and still in labour room, crying. Who raped Nigeria? Who slept with Nigeria? Who impregnated Nigeria? This wicked people are still around. All the president needs to do is to write his name in gold and to be able to do that, he needs not to be biased”, Abdulkareem added.