Our dear Facebook lover, Essence, was spotted at an event together with KSB in Lagos on Tuesday. While KSB looked much prettier, smarter and younger in her white shirt tucked into grey pants, the same can’t be said of Essence with her weave-on plaited into two girlish locks.

The singer looked like she needs an overall make-over including wardrobe and fitness.

Speaking of fitness, we seem to have identified Essence’s fattening secret: Pork!. During lunch, everyone helped themselves to mouth-watering helpings from the buffet tables. While Essence dished her rice and salad, and walked by the meat table, she recognised the pork stand shortly before KSB shouted out to her saying, ‘Essence, there’s pork over here’.

Since the two ladies are well known to each other, it won’t be far from the truth to note that Essence is a pork lover. While most female celebrities are slaving it out to stay in shape and will shun nearly everything fattening to fit into those red carpet dresses, Essence is fatting up on pork. A word of advice for her: Girlfriend, you may not be A-list yet but on your way there, we suggest you tone down the figure and indulgence. Maybe you should hook up with Jennifer Hudson and let her mentor you a bit.