According to olofofos who just finished from a set in Maryland.this is what olofofos had to say.

”Multi-talented Nigerian-born US International Fashion Designer, Estella Ogbonna has taken her career a notch further, adding Movies/Production Costuming/Wardrobe to her repertoire of skills and passions.

The waka pass actress was recently interviewed by a Voice of America reporter while on the set of Chief Andy Best’s recently shot film,and Ms. Estella said she always wanted to join Nollywood, and is happy to have started with the powerful duo – Andy Best and Simi Opeoluwa.

The movie set paraded celebrated actors like Nadia Buari, Ramsey Nouh, Veeda Darko, Princess Pursia, Cici Carmen et al.

We dont know yet about her acting skills till this movie comes out but estella a.k.a ‘drama-queen’ brings a higher class to the act of costuming in a Nollywood movie as this is the first time a celebrated Nigerian-born designer in the USA is being involved in the production of a movie.

Estella Couture’s designs are unique and would be seen in this movie – ‘Yori Yori Babes”’.

The fashion designer/waka pass actress will also be busy till november 2010 as she has other movies lined up and will be in Nigeria for some of her roles.

na wah!

In as much as i appreciate her getting involved in the Nollywood movie industry to add class and assist them in interpreting characters better through costumes, i also don’t want to see less of her designs on the runways where she has carefully made her mark!

Estella congrats oh,we hope you pump some of your drama into your movie roles.hopefully you will soon be known as nollywood drama queen!.