Pretty faced actress, Sotayo Sobola, who is best known for luxury than acting has transformed her magodo duplex office from a movie and television studio into a studio.

According to inside sources, this move came after several failed movie and television productions “the truth is that, I cannot tell you if Sotayo is still interesting in Sotee Entertainment as a production company, because the ground floor of her office duplex that was littered with production equipment and design now has tailors in it, I hear she is ready to roll out the first set of her collections in her fashion line. ..”

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Sotayo, our source says has shot a lot of unreleased movie has left a lot of her staff confused as to the direction of the company because apart from shooting and not releasing movies she opened a movie academy and young Nigerian paid about fifty thousand naira each and Antar Laniyan, was allegedly pronounced as the principal; but those who registered have never set their eyes on Antar Laniyan or any other lecturer except comic actor Baba Tee, who came once to give them words of encouragement.

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“No one can explain the faith of those who came to learn under her, and now the student are confused and angry, one thing that is clear is her mind is set on fashion and I do not think movie and television production is still her thing, though I am confidence she will still be acting.” Our source concluded”

Sotayo is a Nigerian actress who shot into limelight in the movie “copper kunle,” she has gone on to produced and acts in movies like “Bella”, Omo Eleso,” Ise Won”. Among others.