Female lawmakers with artificial nails and false eyelashes have been banned from Tanzania’s parliament, local media reported on Monday.

Job Ndugai, the Speaker of Parliament, who made the announcement, stated that both cosmetic trends could cause health problems, the Citizen Tanzania newspaper reported.

Twitter reacted with mirth to the reported announcement, with one user tweeting “U read some stories and you just conclude that Africa is doomed.”

“Because the fake lashes and nails will confuse their male counterparts?” another user tweeted in response to the story.

The ban has started trending in the social media along with other decision taken by President Johan Magufuri, especially concerning his position the use of contraceptives.

President Magufuli was reported to have said there was no need to use birth control.

The Speaker of Parliament said women MPs with fake lashes & nails banned from parliament.

Tanzania bans fake nails in parliament and well, President Magufuli has reportedly announced that women don’t need contraceptives because Tanzania needs more people….I have no words….