Focus On Your Health Than Job, Yemi Solade To Colleagues

Nigerian popular actor, Yemi Solade, has stated why his colleagues should pay more attention to their health than getting jobs.

The veteran actor lamented that the death of an actor on a set does not stop the production of a movie.

Solade said, “What concerns me in all of this is good health. There is nobody that will not die someday. But, while we are alive, we should take care of ourselves. The lifespan of a job is longer than that of a worker. May God forgive the sins of those that have departed, and may their souls rest in peace.”

Dwelling on the fleeting nature of life, the actor said, “It is the popular ones (that are dying) that we know of. What of those we don’t know? It makes me look at myself in a certain way. So, when I die, this is how it is going to be? They would bring cameras and microphones in front of those present and they would talk about me. I have come to realise that my health is more important to me than any job, and I often tell producers that.”

Urging his colleagues to always take care of themselves, he said, “If I am at a location and I die, the work will continue. If you are the star of the moment and they are calling you here and there, you need to personally take precautions and rest.

“Some people might say that I am only talking this way because I am no longer in demand like I used to. But, I will always be relevant till I die, because it is God that gave me the talent.”