THE first movie reality TV show in Nigeria, the Next Movie Star (NMS) 2008 is again living up to its billings, as intrigues, intricacies and surprises continue unabated in the house.

This year’s edition is anchored by one of Nigeria’s best actors of our time, Desmond Elliot. On a day many of the housemates never envisaged to be a day of eviction, four housemates were shown the way out of the house of “Ajala the Journeyman”, the man behind the mystery voice.

The first evictee was Adebola Adams from Nigeria, the popular mirror-starring-fine boy of the house. Adams had over the weeks had the pleasure of gallivanting round the house as a fine boy, while female housemates could not resist his charm, but the house is for serious business and not “fine-boyism”, Ajala the journeyman seems to be telling Adams.

Elame Weeks from Sierra-Leone was the next evictee, while the tattoo girl from Ghana, Cassandra Clottey became the third evictee. The house is not about piercing and body tattoos.

The highlight of the eviction was the drama that ensued between Munah Pelham, the lanky beauty from Liberia and Zerziyia Jonathan, the chubby and short-statured girl from Nigeria. They both knew that one housemate would leave; the big question was who between these two opposites would leave the house? Ajala called the two and made remarks about their sterling qualities in the house.

“You have both made your marks and added value to the house, but one of you must go,” Ajala’s voice echoed. They both became jelly-fish, shivering and crying. The eviction stick fell on Munah from Sierra-Leone. She fell and wept. She was, however, consoled by her other housemates who helped her out of the house. The question is: who is the next? Three more are up for eviction.

As part of the activities in the house, the emerging Queen the Nollywood, Mercy Johnson visited the house. Housemates were elated to see her. She expectedly put them to a test- any female housemate who could show a minute of emotion. Zerziya bailed the ladies out with her not-too-convincing display. Mercy Johnson, however, showed why she is now the emerging Queen of Nollywood, as tears flowed freely from her eyes within seconds of explanation to the housemates. The new governor who surprinsingly joined the house after the first eviction, Sofia Agbeyengah from Ghana presented Mercy with a 21-inch TV set (Flat Screen), courtesy Somotex Nigeria Limited.

However, the golden boy of Africa, Tony Tetuila visited the house for the “Thank God is Friday,” TGIF party. The housemates unwound and loosened up for this was no task or voice of Ajala. Guys were branded in Guinness T-shirts, as Tony Tetuila thrilled them with songs like “I am in love with two women, U don hit my car and the new one tagged “ I am a Ganjah Planter”.

Sofia , the house Governor whose spirit became high with the Reggae song (Ganjah Planter) eventually presented Tony Tetuila with a Somotex made 21 inch flat screen Tv set.

What more can we have in the house seems to be on the lips of the versatile and amiable presenter actor, Desmond Elliot. NMS 2008 has been proudly sponsored by Fumman, Sezeyi Party shop, Mikano, Somotex, Rolatirade, Hrmony Castle Hotel, Miss & Mrs Make-up, Fantastique hair& nails, sholizza, Tobanj Energy Oil and Gas, while media partners are Soundcity, First Weekly, Enquirer, Mobilexcetera etc.