INSPITE of the fact that he resides in Abuja, popular actor and coordinator of the Nollywood united for Goodluck Jonathan, Francis Duru, did not show up at all at the Abuja International Film Festival. But Franca Aernam, Oby Kechere and the gangling Nollywood actor who is a cop in most movies in Nollywood and now resides in Abuja, Ayo Emmanuel, showed up on each day. But Duru stayed away and didn’t even send an official representative as the Abuja Chapter Chairman of the AGN. Anyway, effort to reach the star of Rattle Snake and other films throughout our stay in Abuja proved abortive. We called a number we were given and the call walked into voice mail. Someone suspected that he must have changed the number to avoid harassment from those who have been disturbing him for payment for his last rent-a-crowd assignment. Rent a crowd? Abeg bros, make we knack teeth on this matter of rent-a-crowd when you ready. To God be the Glory!