Lately, OAP Freeze has been picking on some women who were not faithful to their husbands.

Few days ago, a popular Ghanaian pastor was caught with one of his female members which have generated a lot of controversy in that country. This has given Freeze another opportunity to talk about a lady he busted cheating a friend.

He narrated “I showed someone a verse from the bible the other day and all she could say was ‘that’s not what Papa said’. I said ‘read it’ yourself, it’s right here in the bible’,” Freeze wrote, adding, “She called me all sorts of names and we never spoke again. Three years later, I met her in court, her husband was seeking dissolution of their 7year marriage citing adultery, the proof of which was their last born son.”

Recall that Freeze has divorced his wife a year ago, who he had alleged to be a cheat. One thing about Freeze is this, he can talk about you but he will not talk about his own family. He once said during his marital issue“Why can’t you talk about national issues? I think you should concern yourself more as a fellow journalist on finding out where the girls are.

That’s Bring Back Our Girls. Go and face that one. There is nothing wrong. Okay! Everything is okay. Alright! I don’t discuss my family as a matter of principle. Good or bad, I do not discuss my family. Thank you”