It looks like former Nollywood best pals turned sworn enemies, Tricia Eseigbe and Oby Edozieh have renewed their age long battle again.

We learnt the duo who once fought very dirty over the love of Original Bad Boy, Daniel Wilson, are back to the trenches and exhuming their buried past.

This time, they are fighting and calling each other unprintable names after the separate ghastly auto accidents that nearly claimed their lives.

While Tricia, the presenter of Bold Faces on TV, was accusing Oby of exaggerating and spreading the story of her accident and silently wishing her death,Oby,the producer of Save Our Souls, according to our insider, felt heavily betrayed by her former closest pal’s outburst and wrong accusations, which she described as the ranting of a frustrated actress.

We will definitely keep you posted as the fireworks keep exploding.