Award-winning actor-cum-musician, Gabriel Afolayan is a Nollywood star that has often challenged himself to be a better thespian.

Since he joined the movie industry in Nigeria, he has strived hard to make a name for himself, neither relying on the popularity or fame his elder brother, Kunle Afolayan has built over the years nor that of his late father known as Ade Love.

In most of the movie roles Gabriel has had to play, he has meticulously interpreted them well, which has made him a darling of many followers of Nollywood, especially his female fans.

Gabriel surprised many people when he released a love song few years ago titled ‘Kokoro Ife’. Before then, not many knew about his singing skill, but he proved himself as an all-round entertainment. He later dropped another single, ‘Awelewa’, that has become lovers’ choice.

The dark-skinned handsome actor revealed in a chat with True Nollywood Stories that his wish is to act blind in a movie because it is the most challenging role he has come to bear.

He said, “[I am] still hoping to play a thorough blind man with my eyes opened. I have done it before and the skills in playing it was quite impressive according to people’s remarks but that was just in a few scenes. I want to play a full one where the story centres around him.”