Amandzeba Phiiphi Smyth has come for Ghanaian movie producers and directors who are shallow minded  when it comes to movie making. She said that some of them do not have the scouting skills which is the reason Abraham Attah was discovered by an American movie maker.

 She gave her instances “Look at Abraham Atta, it took American movie director to come to Ghana and scout for the little boy who had virtually not done movie before and put him in such a high budgeted movie to be winning award for the first time. No Kumawood or Ghanaian movie director can do that. Most of them are a bit shallow in those things.”

She said “Let’s call a spade a spade, most of the directors are shallow minded. There are talents here in Ghana but it has to take a visionary producer or director to fish them out and make them stars. They will change the face of our local movies. Because their movies nowadays are becoming one way. They should come out with good story lines.”

She also revealed that some movie lovers were also the cause of producers and directors producing low quality movies