A married man Mr. Olufemi Ojikutu, wants a necklace before agreeing to divorce his wife.

This drama happened while responding to a divorce suit filed by his wife, Olaide.  She had approached the court to terminate her five-year-old marriage due to her husband’s infidelity.

“My wife must return my late mother’s gold necklace before she can divorce me,’’ Ojikutu told the court his mother gave him and his siblings a gold necklace each to give to their wives when they marry with a condition that the wife must stay with them for life.

“When my mother was about to die, she called me and my three brothers, gave us a gold necklace each, telling us to give it to our wives that will be with us for better (and) for worse, till death do us apart. She told us the value of each gold– mine was 21 carats valued at N125,000 as of 1995 when she died. She promised not to forgive anyone who violated her order,’’ he said.

He said that he had kept the gold for about 20 years before his wife came to borrow it in 2014 and refused to give him back.

“My wife borrowed my gold necklace but has not returned it; now that she wants to divorce me, she must return the gold necklace, it is not negotiable,” Ojikutu said.

“’I collected the gold from my husband when I wanted to go for an event but I can’t just remember where I kept it,’’ Olaide told the court.