Gift Owame, a.k.a Muma Gee, has gained more fans than foes in the ongoing Gulder Ultimate Search, celebrity Showdown edition, judging by the messages sent in by viewers.

Despite the fact that her fellow female contestants, apart from Weird MC, have been trying to make her life miserable in the jungle, Muma is still seen as the favourite of the audience.

Many of the comments sent in by viewers are in her favour as they root for her to win and emerge as the first Ultimate Celebrity. For instance, one Chukwueke John wrote, “Muma, you are too real. Continue to be yourself and you will surely come out tops, irrespective of what some of the other female contestants think or say about you.”

Muma Gee has really had it rough with the women in the camp, especially with actress, Chioma Chukwuka. In the last edition, she offered to wash all the contestants’ clothes, but only Chioma refused to benefit from that generosity by choosing to wash her clothes herself.

Apart from that, Muma Gee’s marital status became Chioma’s headache, as she wondered aloud why Muma Gee left her wedding band at home if she claimed she was married.

Obviously irked by Chioma’s incessant attacks, Muma Gee had to tell Chioma to mind her business.

“Why is she interested in me? Whether I have something to hide or not is not her business. It’s my life and I’m living it for real.”

Meanwhile, Muma Gees’ ‘romance’ with Emeka Ike in the jungle is blossoming with each passing day. The two are always seen together.