There is an adage in Igbo land that when a goat and a yam are kept together, it is expected either the goat takes a bite of the yam bit by bit or it is salivating for it. That is why when it is rumoured that two adults (lovers) are constantly seen together or even living together, it would not surprise anybody when pregnancy occurs or when the seed is planted. This could be said of Timaya, the Dem Mama crooner and Empress Njamah, a Nollywood act who are said to be live-in lovers.

Yes, ‘Ndi Asiri’ (gossips) also said that Njamah quietly took her sweetheart home to her people where Timaya did the right thing and the elders of Njamah’s village and her parents blessed them. Now the talk of the town is that Empress Njamah is pregnant for Timaya. ‘Gini we mee (so what?). That’s no big deal now’ it’s expected. That is expected now abi?

Guess one funny thing? Empress is denying the pregnancy rumour. Does that mean Timaya has not been eating the yam bit by bit or what is she insinuating? Would she deny that too? Little wonder my hubby used to say that but for pregnancy, all women would claim to be virgins including his wife.

Empress, there is no qualms whether the seed has been planted or not. Chit-Chat heard you are four months gone, meaning that you would not be able to conceal your little secret any longer by next two months. But girl, what’s the big deal? Are you not old enough to be somebody’s mama?