Haba! Lagbaja The masked one, Lagbaja whose real names are Bisade Ologunde, is carrying his faceless musician identity too far. Some years back, he was terribly crossed with a photojournalist (like he did to Ade Adeniyi, Photo Editor of the defunct Fame Weekly magazine) for publishing his photograph without the mask. He was so angry that he barred the guy from attending his shows at Motherlan. Whether he has made up with Adeniyi is yet to be ascertained. The Coolu Temper crooner is at it again; this time he is not happy with the writer of a report on him and has indeed called the young man to express his disgust for the report, which interestingly most readers of the magazine have been applauding. His anger is that the reporter went to his (Lagbaja’s) village as part of the report and spoke to the king of his village who said he does not know the musician except his father, whom the king said was once a commissioner in Kwara State. The question now, why is Lagbaja agitated that somebody traced his root to his village? Is he ashamed that the king of his town does not know him, which could mean that the musician does not visit his village or contribute to the development of the town or that his father was once a top government official?